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GLOBAL-FINDINGS.COM (THAILAND) LTD., as the name implies, is a group of manufacturers of high-quality precious metal findings, beads and chains supported by a metal bank in order to assure the daily cheapest market price of the metal and its clean origins.
With a “Just-in-Time” delivery policy and with our two distribution offices carrying a large amount of inventory we aim to cover most of the needs of the jewelry manufacturers in South East Asia, especially the brand names that nowadays consist the core of our clientele.
Our founder, Mr. Simone Callai, brings over 40 years of experience as a jewelry stylist, manufacturing consultant and distributor to the GLOBAL-FINDINGS.COM (THAILAND) LTD.
The GLOBAL-FINDINGS.COM (THAILAND) LTD. concept has come from our client’s need to find a single supplier that offers a very wide range of products at an affordable price with very short lead times.

Our cloud based system GLOBAL-FINDINGS.COM is the core and the engine of the group; it was created to have an internal online friendly ERP accessible worldwide 24/7 by our all our employee.
We are now building a B2B interface to facilitate the distribution and sales of our products over the internet linked together by our online order processing system.
GLOBAL-FINDINGS.COM is the number “2” in the B2B, and through our website, we will be uniquely positioned to supply jewelry manufacturers worldwide in a timely and friendly fashion.

Our Distribution Centers
Presently our two franchise offices are already distributing our products in their local areas and worldwide. Each office has a commitment to 24-hour delivery, thus eliminating the need for manufacturers to keep expensive inventories.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, GLOBAL-FINDINGS.COM (THAILAND) LTD., is located in the heart of the city’s gem and jewelry district in the Jewelry Trade Center Building.
Our founder, Mr. Simone Callai, started this company in 1992 and it remains the undisputed leader in this market.
We also sell know how, machinery and service from leading Italian manufacturers.


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Email: info@global-findings.com Website: www.global-findings.com